Welcome to the Fuck-Buddies Blog

Posted on: May 26, 2015

Though we have been in business many years, for some reason the idea of having our own blog escaped us. So with our latest updates we’ve decided to put that right!
This is where we our team will share ideas on how we plan to update the site, tips on getting the most of it, or simply our random naughty thoughts. We’ll also share news on anything relevant happening in the world which will either help you on your quest to being the greatest fuck buddy ever, or that might simply provide you with a little light entertainment. 
It’s also worth noting that this is our UK blog. It will be updated and maintained by our UK team and as much as possible we will try to ensure our stories have a local UK focus. 

Looking Back

For many years the website had been run on a 3rd party platform. But as more and more adult dating sites were appearing all over the place, all using the same software, it became clear our members were not getting the unique experience the once enjoyed on the site anymore. And not having control to how the site was developed meant we were unable to take the site to the places we wanted it to be, or act on customer feedback for ways we could make the site even better for them. So we invested heavily in developing a new site, and last year we launched this. We’re a lot happier, our members are happier, and as we continue to invest and develop the site further we know things will continue to get better
More recently (as in this past week) we updated the front end with an emphasis on having regional, country specific, information. When you first come to the site you should come in via our regional mini-sites with news, tips, events, members etc which are UK specific. But when you log-in you will remain to have access international via the main applications, meaning you can still search, find, have sex with and interact with members from all over the world.

Looking Forward

The future is bright. We have many ideas for how to improve the site and continue to provide an award winning service enabling our members to find local fuck buddies.

New Feature Tour

The UK regional site has the following new areas:
  • UK Blog - you’re on it now so already know of our plans for it!
  • UK Places directory - We’ve laboriously built a directory of the whole of the UK, so you can quickly search for fuck-buddies near you, or find out where the hot spots for casual sex are
  • Sex Encyclopedia -  Our wiki will be constantly updated with new articles, all adult / sex focused. Which will not only make interesting reading, but will improve your sex knowledge that will of course impress potential new partners ;)
So, be sure to check back regularly for more news and gossip and to find out about our updates before anyone else.