Fuck Buddies

Posted on: October 25, 2013

Fuck Buddies (or Fuck Buddy - singular) is a slang term used to describe two or more people of any gender who are engaged in a casual sexual relationship. Couples (or groups) of fuck buddies can be made up of individuals of any sexual orientation, but research has shown that these relationships are most likely to be formed by heterosexuals or bisexual women. Although likely to entail a full range of sexual behaviours, some proponents are satisfied by engaging in ‘lesser’ activities such as mutual masturbation or limit themselves to non - penetrative contact.

Casual relationships are arrangements entered into by pairs or groups of individuals who want all of the sexual benefits provided by a conventional romantic partnership whilst avoiding the commitment and perceived hassles that accompany them, allowing them to maintain their independence, and in some cases, form similar arrangements with other partners.



The main motivation for finding a fuck buddy is sex, which is a basic human need and an important part of most adult’s lives… there are several reasons why an individual may opt for a casual partner over a long term ‘serious’ one, or a string of ‘one off encounters’, including:


  • A desire to maintain one’s own independent lifestyle.
  • A desire to have relationships with more than one partner without committing adultery.
  • Wanting to keep relationships at a sexual level without worrying about future developments.
  • Knowing that sex is available when they need it, as constantly trawling bars and nightclubs looking for ‘one night stands’ is time consuming, and the desired result is never guaranteed (although most casual relationships are born out of such liaisons).


Other Types of Casual Relationship

The term Fuck Buddies usually refers to casual relationships between people who had been seeking sex and had never previously met, and usually following an initial ‘chance’ encounter, or an introduction through a specialist agency, but can be used to refer to participants in any casual sexual arrangement. The phrase ‘Friends with Benefits’ is becoming increasingly popular when referring to arrangements formed between individuals already engaged in platonic relationships with each other who progress to seeking sexual gratification within the comfort of their existing dynamic. Many people are wary of entering into these arrangements due to the high likelihood of the relationship becoming romantic, or conversely, their existing friendship being compromised...


Use In Popular Culture

Due to the relaxing of attitudes towards promiscuity and acceptance of sex as a healthy and necessary part of normal life that seems to have been taking place in recent years, casual relationships are more common than ever. This has lead to an huge demand for services facilitating casual encounters, as the pace of modern life makes it more and more difficult to meet prospective partners organically, and while there are already many ‘dating’ sites designed to introduce compatible people seeking romance, there are now a plethora of networks in cyberspace promising to connect busy, like-minded individuals for ‘no - strings fun’ (see NSA). Many of these are spurious sites set up to prey on lonely or frustrated individuals and are populated with countless profiles of sexy (yet fictitious) members, designed to entice membership purchases. Often these unscrupulous outfits will even employ actors to make advances to non-paying members, conning them into upgrading to a higher membership level.

There are however, plenty of legitimate sites currently operating who can guarantee the authenticity and intentions of all of their members, and have proven track records of connecting pleasure seekers with suitable partners. The largest, and most popular of these is Fuck-Buddies.com, a site with hundreds of thousands of members in every part of the world, that has been successfully pairing casual sexual partners for over ten years.


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