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Posted in FAQ on November 4, 2019

Before contacting support please look through the most common questions

I did not receive a verification email

There are several reasons you may not have received a verification email from us:

  1. You've entered the wrong email address.
  2. It might take a few minutes to get to you.
  3. It has ended up in your junk/spam folder.
  4. Your ISP has blocked emails from our site because it thinks it's spam
  5. We have blocked emails that use your email service, because of fraud

You should check your spam folder, make sure we are not being blocked, then request we resend the activation email from the solve log in problems page. If you are still having problems try signing up with a new username and email address. We recommend using a free e-mail address from

Forgot password or can't log in

Make sure you enter the email you used to register on the site with, and you password carefully with proper spelling and capitalization. If you still can't login you can reset your password, or even restore an account you deleted by visiting the solve log in problems page.

I want to unsubscribe from your emails

As a registered member you decide what emails we send you. Edit your Notification Settings to control which emails you receive.

You can also control what alerts get emailed out to you when your favourites are online or have uploaded new content from your Manage Favourites page.

I did not receive the membership / credits I purchased

Please reload or refresh the website. if this does not work try logging out and back in again

Purchases made by credit card should be instant. Your account should be updated and any new credits added to the balance visible on the top-left of your dashboard. If you received a success message after entering your card details, but have not had your account updated after 10 minutes please contact us.

Why have I been blocked?

We allow all users to apply blocks to any other members. If you have been blocked and can't message someone or access content you used to be able to see - there is nothing we can do.

The block feature is available to everyone and is used entirely at members own discretion to block anyone for any reason.

Contact us by email

If you have unanswered questions please email us at with as much detail as possible

When will I receive a reply?

We guarantee you that we will read your e-mail, and will respond within 48 hours. However, we will only reply when:

  • We are answering a specific question not already answered here, or
  • We are requesting more information.

If you are reporting a problem on the site, many other members may have already reported this already, rather than try to reply to everyone explaining the cause and solution we will just get on and fix it as quickly as we can.

We do appreciate all of your comments and questions. We want to create the best website and community we possibly can, and it's your opinions and feedback that helps us do this. Thank you!